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Insurance resource for certified financial planners


We work with an extraordinary community of CFPs, RIAs, budget coaches, and debt counselors as an objective resource for their clients' insurance needs.

Think of us as a no-cost insurance division for our fiduciary partners with the express purpose of analyzing and procuring practical insurance solutions for your clientele.

Our expertise in disability income and long-term care is especially valuable as we aim to defend your clients' capital against disability at any stage of life.


New diagnoses of critical illnesses continue to rise. Mental illness and musculoskeletal issues have also derailed careers. It's up to us to prepare your clients with a financial solution that is designed to cover the long-term costs associated with specialized treatment and lost income as a result of injury or illness.


AARP reports that 52% of 65-year-olds will require care for basic activities of daily living. The Alzheimer's Association reports 2 out of 3 seniors suffer from dementia at time of death. Longer lives require more resources, and we aim to provide a financial support system when it is time to address caregiving needs. 


Many clients are interested in leaving a financial legacy for their loved ones. Most clients prefer a trusted advisor to assist with a basic term life plan for the purpose of replacing projected income for their families. Some high net worth clients are attracted to permanent life insurance solutions earmarked for charitable causes or estate planning needs. 


We work with some of the best financial advisors in the business. That is why we love to showcase their character, values, and experience on our podcast. You'll also find links to more detailed insurance topics as well!


Maxwell Schmitz, MSFS has been a disability and long-term care specialist in the Bay Area since 2009.


The majority of his career has been spent working with insurance agents, coaching them on product differences, policy design, and underwriting.

Max is the author of two books, The Question and Answers on Disability Insurance Workbook, and the Disability Survival Kit ebook.


He lives in Contra Costa with his wife, two kids, and hound dog (pictured in the background).

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